Wisdom Tooth Removal & Teeth Extraction

  • impacted wisdom teeth extraction

Among so many tooth extraction and wisdom teeth surgery services available in Toronto, Fort York Dentist is offering wide range of tooth extraction procedures.

Wisdom teeth can be removed one at a time or altogether. The benefit of removing them one at a time is that the procedure is relatively small and the patient does not has to endure pain for a lot of time. However, if there are complications which require you to get all the wisdom teeth removed together than you might have to undergo a surgery. This can be a little complex and time consuming. Moreover, you have to make sure you go to the right person who can handle the fragile issue.

wisdom tooth removal procedureTo make the procedure smooth and minimize the pain, we give the patient local anesthetic that will numb the part that is to be operated. In more intense cases where you get all teeth removed at the same time, we use general anesthetic. This practice ensures that you go through the procedure easily with no pain, so much so that you can just sleep through your surgery.

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