Root Canal (Endodontic) Treatment with the Use of the Microscope

  • root canal treatment using microscope

Many patients are anxious about root canal therapy (Endodontic Treatment).

Our office is equipped with microscope, digital x-ray, and modern technology to make the procedure more comfortable for our patients.

The root canal treatment with the use of microscope, also known as Endodontic treatment, is a treatment in which an infection due to tooth decay or inflammation is prevented or treated. This procedure is so efficient that even nerves in the tooth which are irreversibly damaged can be preserved so that the bone can return to normal.

The procedure first requires a digital radiography and a 3-Dimensional Tomography (DVT) which diagnoses the problem and helps the dentist identify the degree of the infection. The dentist then devises and plans an appropriate treatment for the patient which will help prevent any future damage and heal what has already been damaged as much as possible. Fort York dentist offers this treatment in Toronto using state of the art technology and highly experienced dentist whose primary concern is the long-term oral health of the patient.

Fort York dentist uses the best quality equipment and latest technologies to completely diagnose the degree of the infections before the treatment begins. This helps the dentists identify even the most deeply buried problems that may easily be looked over otherwise. Our dentist uses the great depth of knowledge to treat every single patient to ensure that the treatment is absolutely safe for the patient as well as the patient is provided with a long-term fix for their dental problem.

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