Emergency Dental Clinic in Downtown Toronto

  • emergency dental services

Lost a tooth? Have a toothache? Swelling of the face or gums? Maybe your crown fell out and you cannot get it to stay in and you are looking for the closest dental clinic in Downtown Toronto neighborhood providing same day emergency dental treatment.

You can call Fort York Dentist at (647) 346-8888 or (647) 343-8300 and we can assess your situation and suggest whether it is an emergency or not. We provide urgent appointments for emergencies within 24 hours.

Abscess and Cellulitis

Toothaches from tooth decay can cause an abscess (infection) if it goes untreated for too long. What may have started out as a simple toothache can end up being a serious life-threatening infection. If the tooth becomes abscessed you will have severe pain, swelling, bad taste in your mouth, bad breath, and you may even get a fever and feel sick. If this goes untreated it can result in cellulitis, which is an infection in the skin that can become very serious as well. It can also spread to the bloodstream and cause sepsis, which is a life threatening blood infection. Call Fort York Dentist clinic as your dental provider in Toronto immediately for treatment.

Broken or Lost Crown

broken tooth crown emergencyIf your crown falls out you can call us and set a same day appointment .Sometimes the tooth underneath has decay which may cause falling the crown. Dentist will assess the tooth, and either re-cement the crown, or make a new one for you.

A Final Note

No matter whether it is an emergency or not, you can call Fort York Dentist office in Toronto and make an appointment to see the dentist. We accept all kinds of insurance and payment plans. Give us a call at (647) 346-8888 or (647) 343-8300 today.

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